Your first Caravan purchase?

Is a new or used Caravan right for you?


If you're a first time caravan buyer and don’t know where to start, then allow us to guide you.

Buying a caravan can seem really confusing, but following a few ground rules before you start out makes it much easier. First up, consider your family needs. Then think about how the size and weight of the caravan will work with your car's towing capacity. Here's a short guide...


There are a lot of different styles of caravans on the market, so think about what you want to do; where you want to go, and who's going with you.

Pop Top

Pros: Easy to tow; light weight; limited wind resistance.

Cons: You need to put them up when you stop and take them down when you leave. Limited storage.

Full size van

Pros: Comes in variety of styles; plenty of room and storage space; your own shower/toilet.

Cons: Heavier to tow; greater wind resistance; slightly harder to manoeuvre.


Pros: Lightweight; travels easily over rougher terrain; modest wind resistance.

Cons: requires more time to organise when you arrive and leave the site; may need tarp to protect bedroom area from rain.

Floor plan & Bedding

The layout of your van is important, especially the bedding arrangement. Importantly, decide whether you are interested in single, double or queen size beds. Then think about your ideal layout in terms of door location, kitchen location, seating arrangements and so on.

Feeling overwhelmed? Well don’t be...if you are buying new, just take a look at a few caravans and get a feel for designing your own floor plan. Drop into our showroom at 250 Princes Highway, NOWRA and have a chat to our sales staff.

If you have any questions, give us a call on 1300 667 642



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