What vehicle do I need to tow with?


When considering the type and size of caravan to suit your needs, vehicle manufacturers will have towing recommendations outlined in the Vehicles Owner’s Manual and it is important not to exceed that limit. The loaded mass of your caravan must not exceed the capacity of the towbar, the maximum towing mass or the maximum ball weight specified by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

The tow vehicle should be heavier than the loaded caravan, however most modern vehicles, either 4WD or 2WD, make excellent tow vehicles. Provided a weight distribution system is used, and as long as the manufacturer's towing recommendations aren’t exceeded, modern 2WD vehicles, including those with front wheel drive, are just as capable of towing a caravan or camper trailer as a 4WD.towingvan

Automatic or manual transmission is a matter of choice, though towing with an automatic makes it easier and takes the guesswork out of changing gears.  With a manual transmission, there can be a lot of ‘riding’ of the clutch whilst reversing in an automatic makes the process much easier.

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