Hitches and Brake Controllers


These accessories are one way to reduce sway while towing a caravan and to help reduce the issue of the caravan's weight pushing down the rear of the tow vehicle while causing the front to lift, reducing steering control. Weight distribution hitches consist of two or four torsion bars that are under tension by chains on the draw-bar and act on the tow bar hitch to transfer weight from the rear wheels to the front of the tow vehicle, ensuring efficient steering and braking control. The bars are fitted with chains to the A frame at one end and fit into a slot on the tow bar hitch.

Brake Controllers

Caravan brakes are a legal requirement for all caravans with a GTM of 750 kg's or more. The brake system used is electric brakes activated by the vehicle’s brake controller. The power for this system is fed from the vehicle’s brake light circuit into the brake controller, then back to the caravan through the connecting plug and socket to the drum brakes which are activated by electromagnets. This allows the caravan brakes to activate automatically when you apply the vehicle's foot brakes. Two types of brake controllers are available: 1. A totally electronic integrated circuit unit which is the more expensive option, and: 2. A " motion sensing” pendulum type arrangement, which is more commonly used.

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